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Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., Ltd. is the China first 15-Day Delivery packaging machine manufacturer, with no middleman; you can always rely on our stable team.

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coffee & tea packaging

Coffee & Tea Packing Machine

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food industry packaging

food industry packaging

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OEM packaging machine

OEM packaging machine

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General packaging machine

General packaging machine

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Our Advantage

PROFESSIONAL ITALIAN R&D TEAM design high-performance packing machine

1.Professional Italian R&D Team

Our Italian design and R&D team has a number of senior experts in the packaging machine field. They have been engaged in the packaging machine industry for many years and have rich expertise and experience. Their excellent work has allowed our products to have many patents and won world-class awards. Because of their fine work, we can provide stable, high-quality, and reliable packaging machines for every customer.

2.Strict quality management system

The high-quality of our packaging machine is the foundation of our company, and it is also the source of motivation for our efforts. We strictly refer to the production management standards and systems of the world’s top packaging machine manufacturers and arrange professional quality management personnel to conduct inspections in each production link of the product. Every packaging machine is like our child, so we will observe and test carefully. Before delivery to customers, all packaging machines have reached the most perfect condition, all of which should be attributed to our strict quality management system

STRICT QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM supply high-quality packaging machine
we can ship packaging machine FAST & IN-TIME DELIVERY

3.Fast & in-time delivery

As the first packaging machine manufacturer in China with 15-day delivery, we understand the urgency feeling of the customer need packaging machine after payment and. So we optimized the production process and shortened the production time of the packaging machine from one month to 15 days. In terms of logistics and transportation, we have long-term and stable shipping partners. Judging from years of cooperation, no customer has complained about unsatisfactory delivery time. So please believe in the value that our professional services can bring to you!

4.Strong after-sales service

In the process of using packaging machine, customers will inevitably have many problems because they are unfamiliar with the new products or operating errors. When you encounter problems, please don’t worry, please contact our after-sales team as soon as possible. Everyone in our after-sales team has a wealth of packaging machine problem-solving experience, and will surely be able to provide you with the most valuable packaging machine problem solution in the shortest time.

our professional after-sale team can help you solve all packaging machine issues

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Powder packaging machine


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Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., Ltd. is China’s first 15-Day Delivery Packaging Machine Factory, with no middleman; you can always rely on our stable team.