Safe, fast and timely

Every time the goods are delivered, we are very careful. Because customers are like children waiting for Santa’s gifts on Christmas Eve, their hearts are always full of expectations and desires! So our attitude towards the delivery of goods is only three words: safe, fast and timely!

communicate with customers

Fast Customer responses speed

1.Adopt 7*24 customer response system and internate information management system. When a customer finds our company by email, message or website, internet information system will immediately notify the sales department, and a salesperson will contact with the customer immediately after receiving the message
2.Using a CRM system, set up customer files, analyze customer needs. After contact with the customer, our sales engineer creates a file for the customer in the CRM system, records the customer’s detailed requirements, analysis, and share the demand information with technical engineers.
3.Fast machine drawings. Engineer analyzes date according to customer needs, provide suitable packaging solution and make machine drawing fast at the same times.

sufficient packaging machine accessories

1.Super large parts workshop,covering an area of 400 saquare meters, all the equipment has enough stock.
packaging machine accessories in stock

2.Choosing universal parts. When our engineer designing the machine, we will try to using similar spare parts. 

3.Choose world-known electrical parts and pneumatic component,such as Siemens, Schneider, and Panasonic, so that customers can quickly buy suitable sapare parts locally and improve production efficiency.

installment and debugging packaging machine

installment and debugging packaging machine

The production department stictly follows the ISO 9000 quality system, and follows the process flow and assembly process manual of the product form the sub-system to the whole system, and the equipment assembly tolerance does not exceed 0.01mm, After the assembly is completed, we will have 4 tests for our machines

1.Mechine perform debugging
2.Software System and electrical system debugging
3.Mechine perform debugging
4.72-hours running test to ensure the perfect equipment delivery to our customer

safety goods pachage

1.Buy the insurance for the equipment to avoid damage to the machine during long-distance transportation, to protect customer avoid losses
safety pachage
2.The equipment will using high-quality export six-layer wooden boxes to avoid damage to the case by forklifts and lifting equipmentt during the transportation, which will affect the machine.
3.Use fixing bolts around the machine to ensure that bumps during transportation will not affect the equipment
4.Apply Anti-rust il to the whole machine to prevent the humid gas from damaging the equipment due to different temperatures
5.Wrap the waterproof membrance. Before the prodcut is shiiped, the whole machine will be wrapped with stretch film to prevent the machine form being damaged by water during transportation.
Fast And Timely delivery

Fast And Timely delivery

1.Provide stable and profeesional sea and air transportation services.

2.Update logistics information in time to ensure timely delivery of goods

3.Avoid problems in the logistics process in advance.

4.Provide professional and timely solutions when customer have a logistics problem

If you have any questions about our fast delivery service, please contact us right now!

More than 3000 clients have obtained our professional consulting services

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